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  • What is Artman?
  • A not-for-profit Liberty Lutheran senior living community incorporated by Lutheran Retirement Homes, Inc., Artman opened its doors in 1916. Today, Artman offers residents a comfortable setting with many different room styles, from studios to deluxe suites and private rooms.

  • Who owns Artman?
  • A not-for-profit Liberty Lutheran senior living community incorporated by Lutheran Retirement Homes, Inc., Artman opened its doors in 1916. Today, Artman offers residents a comfortable setting with many different room styles, from studios to deluxe suites and private rooms.

  • What is the Becoming Center?
  • The Becoming Center at Artman is a health and wellness community that is available to the residents as well as open to the public. Since 1994, the Becoming Center has offered personalized, comprehensive, preventive and restorative holistic wellness for active adults seeking to improve their fitness and overall well-being.

    A fully equipped exercise room, a therapeutic heated pool, yoga and exercise room, as well as private treatment rooms for alternative therapies and massage are a few of the many amenities you will find at the Becoming Center. In addition, on-site physical therapists, nutritionists and trainers are available to assist in the rehabilitation of injuries or with personal training programs.

The Hearth at Drexel
  • What is resident-centered care?
  • At Liberty Lutheran, we’re transforming our philosophy of care to put the desires of our residents first. Our goal is to create an environment built around resident preferences, personalized care plans, consistent staff assignments and a collaborative leadership style where residents’ desires outweigh traditional staff-driven schedules.

  • What are the benefits of a resident-directed environment?
  • Residents enjoy knowing that they have the flexibility to stay up late, get up when they want, bake a batch of cookies or invite family to a party. Research shows that benefits to residents include an improved appetite, higher levels of activity and more effective pain relief. Staff members report increased job satisfaction, reduced employee turnover and an increase in retention.

Paul's Run
  • What levels of care does Paul’s Run offer?
  • Our specially trained staff provides individualized health care while encouraging the highest levels of independence. Our Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) is a place where you or your loved ones can live with confidence and security. In addition to our 120-bed long-term care center, Paul’s Run offers a range of care options, from Independent Living and Personal Care to Skilled Nursing, Rehabilitation, Respite Care and Hospice Care. At Paul’s Run, you can surround yourself with just the right amount of care.

  • Is Paul’s Run close to area hospitals and medical offices?
  • Paul’s Run is located near excellent specialty hospitals and physician’s offices in the Philadelphia area. You can keep your own doctor, if you prefer. Our medical staff is on call 24/7 and our home care specialists visit residents in their homes. We will consult with your physician, whenever possible, in case of an emergency.

  • Who owns Paul’s Run?
  • A not-for-profit Liberty Lutheran senior living community incorporated by Lutheran Retirement Homes, Inc., Paul’s Run opened its doors in 1981. Liberty Lutheran is a human services organization with over 20 locations serving more than 61,000 individuals and families every year.

  • What types of residences are available at Paul’s Run?
  • Independent Living residences include studio, one- and two-bedroom apartment floor plans. Private and semiprivate accommodations are available in rehabilitation, personal care and skilled nursing residences.

The Village at Penn State
  • Do I need to be a Penn State alumnus to live at The Village at Penn State?
  • Absolutely not. You'll definitely feel a part of the Penn State family, though, with so many friends and connections to the University— sports, events and more! That's why we say you'll live like a senior and feel like a freshman.

  • What does it mean to be a university-based community?
  • It's more than our close proximity. The Village at Penn State has a special relationship with Penn State University, giving residents exceptional benefits. Just the highlights:

    • Advance notice of priority seating to entertainment and cultural events at the Bryce Jordan Center and the Center for the Performing Arts
    • Special passes to the Blue and White Golf Course
    • Special reservation privileges for indoor, clay and Sarni courts for residents who join the Tennis Club
    • Use of the Natatorium for indoor swimming
    • Exclusive presentations on fascinating topics by PSU faculty and staff
    • Environmental education and nature programs at the Shaver's Creek Environmental Center
  • What is Life Care?
  • It's a contract that guarantees Independent Living residents lifetime priority access to all our onsite health services at predictable rates. Your costs don't change dramatically, even if your needs do. Life Care is a way to shield your assets from the skyrocketing cost of long-term care.

  • Is Life Care the only financial option?
  • No, it is a choice made depending upon your financial goals and your need for health care security. We also have a fee-for-service option.

  • Why should I move to a senior community now?
  • The best time to move is while you're active, healthy and able to enjoy everything we have to offer. People who wait until they're facing a health problem have fewer options. They're forced to make a decision in a time of stress. If you want a truly carefree retirement, don't postpone it.

  • Is it easy to make friends at The Village at Penn State?
  • Absolutely. Look at our calendar of events you're sure to find activities geared to your interests. That's where you'll meet kindred spirits who quickly become fast friends. Learn from the experience of our residents. Even more than our beautiful setting, they'll tell you that the spirit of friendship is what really defines our way of life.

  • Are pets allowed?
  • Yes, dogs and cats are allowed. We only ask that you respect the rights of neighbors and other members who might not have them. Some restrictions do apply, so please consult with the Sales & Marketing Department for details.

  • What does it cost to live at The Village at Penn State?
  • Most residents pay a one-time entrance fee and then a monthly service fee, based on the residence and services you select. Another option is to pay a lower entrance fee, but have a higher monthly fee.

  • What is the one-time entrance fee?
  • It covers the use of your residence and our community and health care services. We offer several types of entrance fee plans:

    • Our 75% or 90% guaranteed repayment option
    • Our traditional plan, a declining balance option
    • Our fee-for-service option.


    Refundable entrance fee plans offer an extra measure of asset preservation. They let you set aside a percentage of your entrance fee for your heirs. Please ask us for the details and then discuss with your financial advisor which plan is right for you. State law requires that entrance fees be completely repayable in the first 90 days, except for a processing fee ($1,500).

  • Why is there such a wide range in entrance fees?
  • Entrance fees are based on the features of the residence you choose, including size, foor plan, and general location. Entrance fees also reflect area housing costs. They are guaranteed not to increase once you make an entrance fee deposit.

  • How can I be sure to get the accommodation I want?
  • Concerned that you won't be able to obtain a particular residence? Don't give up. Opportunities regularly present themselves. The best way to get your ideal space is first, to call ahead to determine availability. Please contact a Retirement Counselor at 1-800-238-3173 or online here.

  • Can I afford The Village at Penn State?
  • First, know that we have options for a wide range of budgets. Don't assume we're out of reach before you talk to one of our sales counselors. We work hard to make our community work for you. Also, consider what you're currently paying for maintenance and repairs, food, property taxes and other home ownership expenses. Total up your monthly expenses, then compare them to the cost of living here. We think you'll be surprised at our affordability.

  • If I need transportation, what do I do?
  • We can provide transportation through our Transportation Coordinator.

  • What is included in the monthly service fee?
  • Services vary per accommodation and include:

    • Meals
    • Housekeeping
    • Linen services
    • Utilities
    • Free wifi
    • The wellness program
    • Emergency medical support
    • Security
    • Maintenance and landscaping
    • Use of all interior and exterior common spaces
    • Educational, social, and recreational programs
  • What is the policy for visitors and overnight guests?
  • Your children, grandchildren, family and friends are always welcome. Overnight guests can stay in your personal residence, or you can reserve gracious guest suites located within the community for a nominal fee.

  • If I decide to live at The Village at Penn State, how soon could I move in?
  • It's based on the availability of the type of residence you prefer, but we will work with you to help you move smoothly, promptly, on a schedule that is comfortable for you.

  • What are the entrance requirements?
  • To become a member of The Village at Penn State, you must be at least age 62 and able to live independently. Entrance fees vary according to the residence you select, but most members use the proceeds from the sale of their home to provide the entrance fee. Contact one of our Retirement Counselors for details.

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